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Here are just a few sample cases taken between January 2009 and May 2009.  Please understand that everyone pictured here had specific dental needs and we can only determine what you need after a complete exam and x-rays.



No before picture in this beautiful veneer case.  This patient is OVER 65!!


Before: Patient has spacing between teeth, an unsitely crown, a broken/worn front tooth.

After: Six porcelain crowns, closed spaces and a GREAT SMILE!


Before: Patient in 70's with severly worn down and broken upper and lower teeth with end-to-end bite. 

After:  Great, strong smile line with 10 custom-made crowns to patient's bite.  We concentrated on the upper teeth, because that's what WE ALL SEE FIRST!


Before:  A middle-aged patient presented with unsitely two front crowns but unfortunately had severe periodontal disease on his two front teeth warranting removal.

After: A 6-unit porcelain bridge was made to enhance the patient's smile and INCREASE HIS CONFIDENCE!


Before: Patient lost poorly-made veneers from ANOTHER COUNTRY.

After:  Custom-made porcelain crowns made and cemented WITHIN TWO WEEKS!


Before: Patient, for the past 15 years, was living with old, root canaled and subesquently severely decayed on both of his front teeth warranting removal and READY FOR A CHANGE.

After: A 4-unit porcelain bridge was made to replace the extracted two front teeth.


Before: Female patient had unsitely, old porcelain fused to metal crowns.  The metal line (halo) was easily visible upon a large smile.  YOU DON'T NEED CROWNS LIKE THESE!

After:  Porcelain (fused to white metal called Zirconia) crowns were cemented and the patient now has a BEAUTIFUL SMILE AND GREAT CONFIDENCE.

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